How to Expel Cell Phone Addiction in Teenagers the Best Way

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Cell Phone AddictionCell phone in hand, ear phones in the ears, chewing a mouth full of gum, giving you a completely dumb look – wondering what kind of description it is and who exactly is being described here?

Well, this is a general description of every next teenager you meet at the subway, or on the pavements, or somewhere like a cafeteria. But when you see your teenaged child behaving this way even at home right at the dining table or when the whole family is present in the living room perhaps discussing something as important and exciting as the holidays and Christmas party; you can be sure that your child is badly addicted to cell phone usage.

You know your child is addicted. You know this addiction is irritating. And you are quite disgusted with it too. Then, why aren’t you doing anything with it? Go ahead and stop your child from becoming a walking robot with eyes stuck at mobile phone screen and fingers busy tapping the keypad.

Wondering if you can get some tips for helping your child in coming back to non-digital life?

Check out below the Tips for Expelling the Cell Phone Addiction in Teenagers

Talk to the service provider: do away with special tariffs

The biggest culprit in your child’s addiction is the special kind of features offered by your child’s mobile service provider. All those tariffs that make texting, downloading, playing games, sending emails, or simply chatting and voice calling limitless and cheap are the main causes of kids getting addicted to cell phones. When they’ll know that they have limits; they’ll automatically lessen the usage and it is true the other way too.

If you do not know what kind of special tariffs are available to your child, simply talk to your child’s mobile service provider to know what plans and services your child is using and once you know which are these, simply get some of them stopped, especially those which make mobile usage cheaper and limitless.

Let your child pay the cell phone bills

Well, when things are easily available or come at cheaper prices, we use them a lot, don’t we? And when you are the one who is paying your child’s cell phone bills, it is an obvious that your child won’t know the worth of money. For kids, cell phones are little toys to play around with and this is what they do when they are chatting or texting or playing games on it. They don’t understand that all this fun comes with a price tag. Once they know how difficult it is to buy all the entertainment of cellular devices, they’ll stop using them addictively because they’ll learn the worth of money and pain of paying the bills!

Mark certain places as – No Mobile Phone Zones

It can be your living room when the whole family is together and it is time for some fun or the dining table where one needs to concentrate on food and enjoy dining with the family. Just plan out your “No Mobile Phone Zone” and make your family adhere to the rules for better time together and the pleasure of family union, even if it is only the mom-dad-and children over the weekend or while dining every night.

Use mobile monitoring software on child cell phone

Your child may not really follow the rules and only pretend to be staying away from phone when you are around and using it addictively all the other times. How will you ever know it? Install mobile monitoring software on your child’s device and keep a close track of everything that your child does with the phone. Interestingly, this tracking won’t stop with looking over what your child texts, mails, chats, or downloads or who he calls or from whom he gets the calls and text messages from. You also get to know about your child’s friends; things saved on your child’s phone; his calendar and scheduling activities; and all the other Internet activities.

By catching your child over using the phone red handedly, you’ll have more effective way to help your child get rid of cell phone addiction.

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